My name is Linda. I'm a professional writer and a best-selling fiction author.

Linda is one of my all-time favorite authors. She is able to bring his mind to life via any medium.

My Thought

Mind's late-night written thought


A socially acceptable all-in-one social link template for Notion powered by Super.


How can I use it?
  1. Duplicate this template to your Notion workspace.
  2. Create your site using Super site, using your newly created page as the Notion URL. See this tutorial on how to create your first Super site.
  3. Add Linkotion styling code (CSS) from your purchase to your Super site setting. Don't forget to use <style> tag.
Can I customize my styling?

Yes you can. Here's our Linkotion's documentation regarding customization.

Can I use custom analytic?

Yes you can. Here's a tutorial made by Super on how to integrate Fathom analytic.